A few of my favourites...

OK, I have picked up the tag from Reshmi, ….here goes...

I admire

Ayn Rand

Ayn Rand (Alissa Rosenbaum) fled Russia with 50$ during the early years of the Russian revolution, heading for Chicago. Working odd jobs in Hollywood, she learnt English and did what she always wanted to do, write – to finally publish her first book ‘We the living’ after a decade of struggle. Seven years later, she wrote the classic ‘Fountainhead’. But for me, ‘Atlas Shrugged’ was by far her best...Ok, so that much for the author, why do I admire her? Her trip from a secure middle class life to despair and poverty, then out of it, her determination to keep her head high and her firm decision to become a great writer against many odds. In a strange & fiercely competitive land, she mastered a new language and wrote literary classics with it, sticking to her ‘objectivism’ philosophy. Her life & works teach you – perseverance, faith in one-self and above all, belief in success…

Ayn Rand said, My philosophy, in essence, is the concept of man as a heroic being, with his own happiness as the moral purpose of his life, with productive achievement as his noblest activity, and reason as his only absolute.

It was very difficult for me to select ‘a’ person actually, I have admired and will continue to admire so many from the past & present…explorers, writers, artistes, philanthropists, can’t placed one above the other…So I chose one of the persons I admired…

I want to see

The Great Wall of China

I have travelled far and wide, but still many a mile to go – now on the active list below are…. much of Australia, St Petersburg in Russia, Tokyo(?), Bali in Indonesia, much of Sri Lanka, Brazil, Alaska…. Most of all, it is this that I wish to see, not all 6352 kilometres of it, but a decent stretch near Beijing. Hey, though a number of people stated that it is the only man made object visible from space, Wikipedia and Neil Armstrong assure us that it cannot be seen from that distance! Anyway my wish is to see it upfront, not from outer space or afterlife.

Want to do this someday

I wanted to fly, be a pilot, even be like Jonathan Livingston Seagull (i.e. the gull in a million - part!), in my dreams. But has become too complicated these days - for a guy living in the West, with brown skin and a moustache looking around for a flying lesson... recipe for serious problems. I will settle for a 15-minute parasailing session near some beach, at the next opportunity.

Random favourite

Alberto Santos and Cartier
Alberto Santos Dumont stands out, much aided I am sure by my desire to possess a Santos Cartier watch…Did you know that Alberto Santos flew his own self-powered airships around Paris way before the Wright brothers made their planes? He flew the first flying machines without a doubt, but I stop with a question – what was the random favourite? Albert Santos or the Cartier Watch?

The Santos Cartier, now look at it! Ah! What more need I say?

Thanks Reshmi, for introducing me to the tag concept…it was fun

This will be an open tag, open for anybody to pick.


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