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Once the Promised Land

The Anglo Indians and McCluskiegunge
The Portuguese Mesti├žos had established precedent, when they congregated in Goa though a few remained in little enclaves at Mattanchery at Cochin and Bandra in Bombay. The Moplahs (many claiming Arab descent) attempted to obtain support in creating Moplistan in Malabar but are now well integrated and scattered across Kerala today. The Anglo Indians also tried to establish their new homeland at Whitefield and Lapra (renamed later as Mccluskiegunge) in Bihar. While most people know about Goa and Whitefield, and some have heard about the Moplistan attempt, only a few know the details behind the creation of McCluskiegunge. There have been a few articles, a film and a handful of academic books on the town though. Though the town developed, thrived and declined over time, McClusckie, the person behind its creation is not very well known and usually mentioned in passing, so I thought it a good idea to peruse the story of his effort and spend some time wri…

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