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Letters in Post

I am sure many of you will remember a time when we used to wait patiently for the postman to deliver a much-awaited letter. The post was always capable of evoking strong feelings, at times it was a job interview or an appointment letter or it could be a distasteful invoice or bill to be paid, a long awaited letter from home or a most awaited and endearing letter from a loved one, which made your day or say the whole week. Those were simple things which gave you so much joy. Fast forward to today, most of the communication is done with little words and even less character, now it is a smiley here or a social media acronym there, sent uniformly & electronically. Granted they are much faster than snail mail, but the feel and individuality is long gone.
I still remember the post card, the cover (that was what the envelope was called) and the blue inland latter which we used as our communication medium (An airmail letter or a parcel were rare object, not regularly encountered). So muc…

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