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A Lankan Sojourn

Like I discovered, you will notice no great divide as you leave the southerly shores of Kerala and head out to Sri Lanka, or erstwhile Ceylon. The view from the air remains the same, with coconut tress blanketing out the ground, save for an occasional large and tall tree which had bravely stepped out from their midst. The food habits and choices in Lanka are quite similar and suiting the Malayali palate.  After all, till the island separated itself and floated off, it was part of the mainland, so the flora and fauna are largely similar, and the people look pretty much like those from Travancore. Anyway, that was where we were headed, a few weeks ago, and the week we spent there was eminently satisfying, to say the least.
Like Kerala, Lanka too is a land of fables and grandmother’s tales, and home to a good number of soft-spoken people. There are cities and there are towns, there are villages and hamlets, and of course there are tea estates and bungalows. Home to a large number of see…

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