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The Legend of Mehran

The incredible story of Sir, Alfred Mehran and the story behind the comma……

There is always some bright chap who would say, man, this guy has forgot his grammar, he put a comma after the Sir. The comma is at the right place and - but naturally, Maddy is going to tell you a story, which perhaps many of you would recognize, but would have no idea, that it is in reality based on reality, reality being an ‘unreal’ person called Sir, Alfred Mehran.

First I will break the initial suspense, for it is needless in this case. Remember the movie ‘Terminal’ played by Tom Hanks? Well, the character Viktor Navorski from the movie was loosely based on Sir, Alfred. But then who is Sir, Alfred? There lies the real story, and of course there is yet another story behind the story and possibly another behind that. A sad and interesting story, a story telling you what mankind has become and how some stuffy people sitting behind the desks of bureaucracy, people who have lost the feel of real life, dictate …

Hinglish – a Biryani of sorts

I am afraid that I can never be as critical as Farrukh Dhondy and Binoo K John as they were in putting their points on Hinglish across in their fine writings, but then they are the established experts and I the novice, so I can perhaps get away with some latitude with this flippant penning of some thoughts. After a long stint abroad, when you go home on vacation you are naturally transported to a new literary world and as you listen to the very special Indian English, you marvel at its adaptation in India while at the same time, you listen to cranky desi judges tell aspiring singers that they must be true to their Hindi, Urdu or Malayalam diction while singing songs. But then we are a land of contradictions anyway.

Nothing like Bangalore or Bombay for Hinglish, for that is where the new ‘wordly’ inventions come up on a regular pace..though these days it is as fast as Yadav’s bowling…each year we hear something new, not to mention the abbreviations used in SMS..Which I have completely…