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Appu Nedungadi

A gentleman banker, teacher, lawyer and novelist
It was in 1887 that this young man wrote a romantic short story in Malayalam and asked his friends to read it. In the Malabar of yore, only a select few were fortunate to have been educated formally and this young man was one of them. As the story goes, they encouraged him to publish it. In those days, Malayalam readings were mostly limited to poems and prose dealing with mythological topics. So any kind of fiction or for that matter, historic romantic fiction, was a novelty. The Novel in those early days was therefore, an even bigger novelty. Our man, the short story writer decided to try his hand at it, working off his short story. The rest is history. His name, was Appu Nedungadi.
Appu Nedungadi had by this time become a lawyer and was starting to hold his own in the British judicial system of the Queen’s presidency of Madras. But his journey through a varied life was not an easy one and took much hard work, dedication and when view…