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The Air Bridge - 1990

Operation - No name, No heroes
By now most of you would have seen the airlift movie and decided one way or the other about how the hundred thousand plus people were rescued from Kuwait. I watched the movie too and it took me back to those days when I was living in Saudi Arabia, just across the border, right through that war.
It all comes back vividly, starting with the dinner at ‘Rice Bowl’ in Brigade road Bangalore. I was to fly back to Riyadh the next day and the dinner tasted heavenly. But soon I was doubled up with stomach cramps and bouts of vomiting and diarrhea. The flight out of Bangalore to Bombay was at 8 or so in the morning and I was in no shape to make it, but my cousin managed to get find a doctor who was up early and I got a shot which stabilized things a bit. At Bombay, I had to wait until the early hours of the next morning to catch the Saudia flight to Riyadh. As I woke up in the transit hotel room and picked up the newspapers on Friday, August 3rd 1990, I saw the b…