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An interesting account of its history..... Many years ago, in fact it was some 123 years ago that the name Lakme rose into prominence. Well, all of you will agree that the native version, the name of Goddess Lakshmi was prevalent centuries before that. But Lakme was brought to print and western minds during the late 19th century. It was the name of an opera composed by the French composer Léo Delibes in 1881 based on a story ‘Les babouches du Brahmane,' by Theodore Pavie. But in the modern Indian mind, Lakme has always been associated with a line of pioneering beauty products and fashion shows from the house of Tata. Nevertheless, let us first take a look at how the French play was written and what it was about. If you recall, sometime back I had written about Mata Hari and how she performed her oriental Indo –Balinese dances to titillate the public some years after. Well, she saw the business sense in all that and working on the mysteries of the orient to her benefit. But this was…