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India's milkman - Kurien and Amul

No Indian can ever forget the taste of Amul butter on fresh bakery bread. I won’t either. Each time we visit our neighborhood grocer, I try to find ways to convince my wife that we should buy a packet Amul (Can’t say I have succeeded, perhaps after reading this she will change her mind!). How would it be, if I spent a few hours on the person behind it all, a Malayalai born at Calicut in 1921 but knew that his life was to be made elsewhere, moving past Gobichettippalayam, Mannargudi, Madras, Jamshedpur, Bangalore, Michigan(USA), to finally end up at Anand, a sleepy little town in Gujarat (where he was to remain till the end of his life)? The story would span a few days of telling, but I will try to be concise, and make it a half hour's read.
I think I have mentioned this previously. Each of my articles is the mostly the result of a personal journey to learn the story which I then retell to you all. This one that follows the same route and as I picked up each fact from books and ar…

At New York and Flushing Meadows

Been a while since I posted something and this one is going to be a light post as we were busy traveling to our favorite city, the big apple or New York and using the opportunity to see a bit of the US open. Also went to take a look at the Indian enclave called Jackson heights (a bit of advice – don’t waste your time going there for good Indian food, stick to Curry hill (Murray Hill around Lexington ave and 28th), though the place does give you a real feel of India.  Wandering around the Hudson River banks, walking through central park and testing new eateries on the upper west kept us busy for a few days. But the main idea was of course to see the quarter finals at the US open and watch Wavrinka, Djokovic, Murray, Youzhny and of course a couple of our desi stars Sania Mirza and Leander Paes. 
Was great fun of course, to watch the smoldering Swiss Wavrinka, the glum Scotsman Murray, the mercurial Djokovic and the moody Youzhny. Paes and Stepanek showed what team work is all about whe…