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Aubrey Menen – a tribute

Salvatore Aubrey Clarence Menen – The wicked satirist

Black and white movies had given way to Eastman color, television was just making an entry but Radio Ceylon and Vividbharati ruled the airwaves. There were no fast food places and cricket still took all of 5 days with Anand Satalwad and Suresh Saraiya commenting on it, while the faster versions like 20-20 or one day cricket were yet to be popularized. Yezdi-Java and Bullet bikes ruled the road, while Amby and fiat cars crawled through pot holed roads, not sensibly attempting to race with the two wheelers. Computers did not work overtime to beef up finger muscles or screw up your mind in those calmer days. At best you could go see a movie or go walking or cycling. Magazines and books took up spare time, a time available when not trying to discover and understand life in the open. That was the time when we had magazines like Imprint and JS, it was a time when we had music like Beatles, Beegees and novels by thought provoking and inte…

A Game of Chess

and the Ambalapuzha Paal payasam..

We have so many legends about the gods and their interesting ways of reminding people about their existence, to the common man. One such interesting tale is this legend from Ambalapuzha. I was reminded of this as I was reading a recent issue of the Guruvayoor Bhaktapriya magazine and saw the old story recounted once again, by my very own school teacher, Dr C K Chandrashekaran Nair. Of course he is a great writer and I cannot retell the story in English in the same lucid fashion, but I will try. I did call him after so many decades and had a quick chat about the times and the travails of life and was glad to see that he was still active in the teaching profession. I later recalled many a day and his class, as well his book Cheenavala (Chinese nets).

For this story we go to a place called Ambalapuzha (loosely translated as ‘the river by the temple’ or vice versa). I have been there and I have had the famous sweet prasadam or food offering distributed t…