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Another one bites the dust

HMV, Angelina, Nipper, Gaiesberg, Deloitte, and so on….

It was on a happy evening many a year ago that I held her slender arm by the elbow for the last time and slowly got her finger on the groove, to get the song going. One has to start at the beginning I said, as her fingers moved inwards. You see, some of them have thick arms, some have thin, but one thing was clear, at least in the old days they all had big mouths, mouths much used to unassisted hollering. Many had sleek burgundy figures, big mouths of course, and a blond top, but some had fat bases. Their voices tended to be a bit scratchy, a bit brassy at times and unless kept clean, provided somewhat unsatisfactory results. Hmmm…lest the reader get a little confused, let me hasten to clarify, I am talking about the old fashioned 78RPM record player a.k.a the wind up HMV player, like the player with the picture of that dog sitting in front of its big mouth.

Time went by, the wind up record player gave way to the electric motor v…

The Raj’s Railway

A look back in time

It is going to be interesting, we will soon see driverless or autonomous cars, for Nevada and California have already approved laws permitting their introduction on public roads. A number of car makers have already made prototypes and we have today rear seeing, crash preventing, talking, self-parking and other types of active minded cars. Of course, women will feel happy about many of these developments, and some crabby men will talk about older conventional four gear cars which require, according to them higher amounts of skill and perhaps more intellect. But I am not going to talk about all this; I will instead take you backwards, to recount some interesting anecdotes related to the Railways of the Raj. In no way is the Indian railway of today that bad, but the nostalgic old was perhaps better. As Mark Twain remarked, it was a railway which provided ‘cosiness’.
The smell of the railway station has changed (I am not talking about the bad ones) the coal burning soo…