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Hacked!! London Scam

It was an extremely nerve racking day for me, and I am sure for many of you, my friends. Some of you I have met, Some I have corresponded with, but I am thankful for the responses and concern from all of you. But let me get to the story, so that others can figure out how this unfolded and hopefully take preventive steps for the future. Now remember that even computer proficient people can be negligent, like me, so hopefully this will serve to teach even the clever ones.

8:00 – I park the car in a secure garage; using my entry card, walk through many double glass doors, using entry cards and into my office, a secure building. Security is not lax in any way and everybody is a bit more aware after recent fatal shootings at one of our factories. I believe all is well and secure; another grueling day at office is about top start. Little did I know how it was to unfold.

9:00 - I am at work, logged into the computer and scrolling through my mail this morning, checked it logged out, but I cou…

Buy one get one free

This is a universal gimmick as we all know. The word ‘free’ is magical to many, including me. Say ‘muft’ and you can get a million in front of you in a jiffy in India. Sometimes I wonder what started it all in apna desh. Was it Guptaji perhaps? And it reminds me of a joke about the man who purchased an elephant chain (many kilos of iron) when he heard that the elephant came free with it, only to realize the immensity of the folly a day later, when he had to care for the elephant.

Many years back, we had the first of the free items, the small ‘charm’ or animal replica with the Binaca paste. Some people like my dad were die hard fans of the Binaca green paste, but never collected the charm. Some others purchased the paste for the sake of the charm and ended up with boxes of charms.

Then came the flood of free items. They would offer somewhat silly stuff in the 80’s, like a comb or a spoon with various new releases and I remember my mother, who meticulously calculated the costs and advant…