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Doctors on the move

The other day I saw a white van speeding by on the next track of the CA 78 highway. It said ‘Your friendly neighborhood doctor’ (Spiderman like) or some such thing. Well, it was a surprise, and I wondered, is the work of physicians going to get distributed, close to the need, finally, with home calls etc coming back into vogue? Seeing that close on the heels of the computerization and outsourcing moves, it sounded like a great idea, actually.

Years back, when we were kids, we had a Dr-mama - Dr Balakrishnan Nair at Calicut who used to come if the patient at home was too weak or sick to move or was a small kid. Otherwise we took a horsecart (or were there noisy autos then? – I forgot) or some form of conveyance to his ‘Karunakara Nursing home' on Wynad road.

Calicut medical College records these things for posterity though I myself was recounting of the mid 1960’s. The1930s and 1940s saw the heydays of Family Practice in Kozhikode. In1930, Dr VA Raman established Ashoka Hospital - pe…

From the first to the last puff

Once upon a time, I was a smoker, smoking a good (never more than 5-6 a day) number of cigarettes between 1974 and 1987. I had absolutely no qualms when I stopped, knowing fully well that stopping was the right thing to do. Never have I wanted to smoke since then, even when offered choice cigars at parties or when I saw exquisite lighters & pipes. My advice to those who have a habit – just kick it!!

My first puff was not from a cigarette, but a rolled up piece of paper. Wanting to emulate the macho smoker, the small kid that was me rolled up a piece of paper and lit it. As expected, the acrid smoke brought tears to the eyes and burned the throat. Then it was a longish kutti (thrown away stub) that was tried out by bro and me. Finally after a few months and after saving a few paise, it was a proper ‘Cool’ mentholated cigarette at the shop opposite Motilal School (close to Victoria College Palakkad). The benevolent owner of the shop wanted to make the quick buck from the students and…

Nafisa Ali

There are a few persons I hold in high regard, this beauty from Bengal named Nafisa Ali Sodhi happens to be one. Our earliest association (well that is one way to put it, I guess) was in my college room. She was a roommate, well actually as a wall pinup for two years, standing by the pool side in a blue string bikini. Man! Was she gorgeous (alas, the pinup was lost over the years) …Then we parted ways, though I saw her later on in the movie ‘Junoon’. I recall that in those days we had a pretty interesting magazine around, called JS. I remember an article about her in that mag…probably the pinup came from the same JS (junior statesman) too.
Then I lost touch, nowadays, we see her on TV here & there and she is of course quite popular on the net…She still looks gorgeous, the beauty with the grey hair and lots and lots of grey matter…a pretty rare combination indeed.She acted in a Hindi movie ‘Life in a Metro’ recently, should watch it one day. We saw her (as Mary teacher) with Mamoot…

Remembering - Marcus Bartley

Many of you would have seen Chemeen (made in 1965), if not ages ago, recently after the DVD was released. For Malayalees it is a very special movie which won a President’s gold medal, popularized music directors like Salil Chaudhary (in Kerala) and made superstars of Madhu, Sheela and Satyan. With brilliant acting and an emotional story line, Chemmen remains in the hearts and minds of Malayalis, young and old. But who remembers the man who did bulk of the camerawork for the movie including the famous sea scene picturing the epic struggle of Satyan with a shark in the swirling waters? It was a certain genius named Marcus Bartley. For all these years I thought he was a German who strayed into South India. I did not know that he was an Anglo Indian and that he had done over 50 movies between the 1950’s and 80’s in multiple languages. Starting with ‘Swarga Seema’ in Telugu way back in 1945, he went on to become the master of black and white photography and special effects. He epitomized c…