Mumbai - The aftermath

Too much written, too little said, too much chatter, too little matter. Two faces from the crowd, two faces from the many saviors of the day.

The man in the line of fire, Look at the him and his smile, the humility writ on his face, he is the one who gets little recognition, the one who is under all the pressure, the one whose life is on the line..

And the Policeman in Khaki, One of the underequipped, underpaid, and one of the ridiculed lot - See his expression – a parent's understanding, with an undercurrent of grim anger and sadness .

In the aftermath - With the people they live for..

No other photographs can say it better…Mumbai, we cry with you...

Thanks to the unknown photographers who posted these photos….


Sunita said…
Beautifully said! I love the second photo. It just draws the eye to it again and again.
I'm afraid that right now Mumbai is too angry to cry .
Happy Kitten said…
That was short but poignant...
Maddy said…
Thanks Sunita and HK...

May the souls of the dead rest in peace and may the souls of the living be stronger for the future.

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