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Gita, Guru, Ekta and Ecevit..

People going to war need strong motivation and clear reasoning. Well, that is what we believe, though it is not always so. Many a leader is caught in that bleak twilight of indecisiveness and the final nudge is often provided by deeply ingrained beliefs or often, a dose of spirituality or persuasive advice from a friend or confidante.

We all know that in the Mahabharata, during the battle of Kurukshetra, Arjuna was expertly guided by the wisdom of Krishna in determining right from wrong. We also know that it was somehow captured verse for verse, word for word (I have always wondered how ‘shlokas’ muttered in the heat of battle by Krishna sitting in front of the speeding chariot, to Arjuna standing behind - bow in hand, got captured on paper without any errors…Early tape recorders maybe??) in the great Bhagavad Gita. Hopefully somebody can educate me on this!!

At least one present day invasion has Bhagavad Gita as the guiding light behind it, not for the act itself, but as the motivator …

Mangoes, Congress Grass and America

PL 480 – now how many know what that is all about? People from Bangalore will definitely know about Congress grass, because it has been the main cause for most allergy related misery & skin diseases out there. Ever figured out how it reached the city? It is an interesting story, because the seeds or the weeds traveled long and far to reach Bangalore…Parthenium or carrot weed (since it looks like a carrot plant), one of 10 worst weeds in the world, traveled with the PL 480 wheat that was imported from USA (some say Mexico – I am not 100% sure yet) many years back, under the Public loan 480 generously provided to India.

Now, Parthenium is called Congress weed or Congress Grass, do you know why? As far as I could gather, the white flower looks like a Gandhi cap …It is also called 'Safed topi 'or Gandhi Bhooti!!! But I could not see any resemblance, Was it because Congress was in power when the wheat import took place?? (Or maliciously meant to mean - as spread out & ingrai…

Krishna - The movie

Well well, what now?? A reader, Ravi Menon, from Malaysia tipped me about an announcement being made today by AK Antony, the present day defense minister. A movie about VK Krishna Menon is being launched with Naseeruddin Shah in the lead, scripted by Shashi Tharoor & ex diplomat TP Srinivasan. Rajmohan Pillai is producing the movie and R Sarath directs it. The movie is titled ‘Krisha’.

Fans of Tharoor may recall Tharoor’s portrayal of Menon’s character in his book “The Great Indian Novel”. It was here that Tharoor first portrayed Menon as Krishna. My guess is that Tharoor’s interest in Menon continued, but I am not so sure that the public will stomach it.

Meanwhile, my study on VK Krishna Menon continues…I now have at hand the book on Menon written by TJS George. Between the other books (Janaki Ram, Madhavan Kutty, MI5 files & many articles) and this, I voiced my thoughts on Menon to many, hearing in reply, almost always that they were simply amazed by my interest in ‘that loser…

Hum Dono and Kala Pani

No, this is not a blog about Dev Saab, but about two of his movies, or shall I say, some aspects surrounding them? These movies depicted the life & times in India during the 50’s, before I was born. I saw both the movies last week, while on long flights between the East and West coasts of USA. I was in the middle seats both times, and not wanting to fall on the neighbors shoulder while nodding off, or not wanting to get caught snoring, I resorted to seeing these two movies. People sitting next to me would really have wondered, what strange old, black & white movies is this guy seeing? And seeing / hearing me hum those fascinating songs in the two movies, they would have found me quaint, to say the least…But one thing I can assure you is I must have been one of those rare persons who watched Dev Anand and Madhubala at 40,000 ft, while flying through dense clouds.

Hum Dono – Set during the Second World War with both Anand’s serving the Burma Corps. Lovely songs, reasonably OK dou…

Presidential car stalls in Rome, Missing Watch in Albania

You would not believe that this could happen, but it did..a couple of days back in Rome

The Multimillion dollar Cadillac carrying Pres Bush stalled in the middle of the road while amused Italians sniggered.

An article providing further details

Bush was being driven to the US Embassy building after his meeting with Pope Benedict XVI in the Vatican when his car developed engine problems, according to the Italian agency Ansa. A reserve presidential car was quickly brought to the scene and Bush continued his journey. But the second car turned out to be too wide to pass through the embassy gates - so the White House leader had to walk the rest of the way

If that was not enough, his watch vanished while meeting crowds in Albania.

The matter has been denied by the White house.
An AOL report

Going Green

Kuttan-bhai prompted me to with this question, is the old man turning green? I had joked around previously when I wrote the blog on Mushrooms and Switzerland

Let me start with the bad – Yes, it is true that the development of a country is measured by the waste/refuse (trash) it produces. More than that, it is also measured by the plastic it produces I guess! Articles mention that 63 pounds of plastic are produced per person in the US and it just ends in landfills or well, you have to believe this – is dumped in the ocean. That is how responsible we are…Have any of you heard about the sea of plastic in the Pacific Ocean? A floating mass that is slowly destroying the marine & bird life out there, guess how much - many thousands of square miles of it. Have you read about it or heard about it on mass media? If not, read about it here.......and here (The picture is from the second link) and here. This is the plastic island, 3 million tons of it.

Now this surely is bad, my wife is livid…

A VJ with a difference – Anu

I have not seen very much of her on TV, even though she has lasted well over three years on V -we don’t have Channel V here, but I have read some articles about her and I have seen a few videos of hers uploaded by some very sensible people onto Youtube – or else I would zimbli wud not haave eyard of lolakutti…

Until then the best spoof on Malayalees is the classic Mallu guy in the Gits ad – when I was in forin – I yate uthappam – zimpli mayde itu with gitzu…

But Lola Kutty, this ex Stella Mary’s student, later a teacher at Calicut & stage actress, took on the Mallu world & now ensures that you have access to a full collection of understandable ‘Mallu jokes for non Mallu’s. Maan, this girl Anuradha menon aka Lola kutty is one specimen whom I would like to meet & say yello, you are doing a great joob …Lola mentions that she was living at P.T. Usha street in Calicut and was spotted by some V guys who came for a shooting. "I always wanted to become a runner like P.T. Usha, …