Black friday & Mozhi

Both were wonderful movies and watching them, the last weekend speeded by.

Black Friday

Meticulously crafted by Hussein Zaidi and directed by Anurag Kashyap, the movie has KayKay Menon doing the whodunit with his outfit of five. With Kaykay’s restrained acting the movie is taut and suspense filled even though many have been following the real life story over the last 13 years. The makers have not strayed away from the storyline, nor have they been hesitant about naming and going after the perpetuators. The movie completed 3 years ago, has just been cleared for screening after a court ban for fear of biasing the court verdicts. Don’t give the movie a miss, if you can’t see it in a theatre, see the DVD….It is very good.

For those who are interested in knowing if the perpetuators have been brought to justice, three of the main kingpins Dawood, Tiger & Yakoub are still on the run. Tiger was
spotted in Dubai recently inaugurating a restaurant. Dawood was probably around for his daughters marriage with Javed Miandad’s son… They are somewhere in Pakistan these days, according to the press. But you know how geopolitics is…Nobody really gets to tracking them down like the Turks tracked down & captured the Kurdish leader Apo in Kenya..

Rakesh Maria played in the movie by KK is presently the IG of Mumbai police..KayKay is
just perfect for the role, and thinks it is a once in a lifetime opportunity, but believe it or not, the two have never met. The real story is recounted by Maria himself in these two articles.

It is tragic that this write up on Black Friday has its ties to the next which is about a lovely movie Mozhi starring one of my favorite actress’s Jyotika. (Jyotika’s sister Nagma is allegedly
Anees Ibrahim’s paramour &Annes BTW is Dawood Ibrahim’s brother).


How sad, this is going to be Jyotika’s
last movie. She was so good both to look at and watch, this chubby, round faced, big eyed and bubbly actress. Oh! Nobody uses the politically incorrect term ‘actress’ any more, female actor, I believe -bah!

Mozhi – the foursome and all the supporting cast are fantastic, brought together by director
Radhamohan.. Who are the four? Prithviraj, Prakash Raj, Jyotika and Swarnamalya. I wondered as I was seeing the movie, if Prithviraj ever thought that he would get into movies while he was studying to get into the armed forces, at my alma mater Sainik School Kazhakootam….Maybe yes, as his dad and mom are actors. Well, he did and he does well as I can see. He has acted well, so has Prakash Raj and Swarnamalya, but the movie belongs to Jyotika who plays her role to perfection, even without having to speak a word. A good review plus the movie’s own impressive website.

A must see that any family would love to watch…with glorious
music, the song Katrin Mozhiye sung separately by Sujatha and Balram is one that will remain close to your heart for a long long time…

But then, I could connect better than most with this movie as I remembered my college days. We had a friend whom we met every week end, another friend’s cousin, a guy just like any of us, but he was, like Jyotika in this movie, deaf and dumb. That was how I learnt sign language. A strong chap he was, he was mobile, active, happy, optimistic always and we could converse with him as he enjoyed life just like we did…sitting at the beach, ogling girls, doing all kinds of things wandering around Calicut…He used to travel India on his own, going for meets where others like him congregated…

In India we learn the BSL or British sign language which of course is different from ASL or American…At least here I had hoped that there would be a universal sign language, but not to be. By the way, ASL uses only one hand, BSL normally requires both.

One thing was clear, Jyotika (and to a lesser extent, Prithviraj) did learn a bit of BSL before she did the movie and I commend the director for the attention to details that make this a great watch… I also read that after seeing this movie, BSL (or parts of it) is a rage amongst youngsters in Chennai, to convey their feelings!!


Bullshee said…
nothing to do with this post...but heard u did ragam in '79 and u guys started the MC....salutations!
kallu said…
It is good to hear Maddy that truly there are people who are not held back by their impediments. I did wonder if a character like Jothikas' could be true.Normally one sees people with handicaps as rather withdrawn and depressed. But his strong character was very refreshing.
Swarna said…
Reached here through Kallu's.
One can't help liking Prithviraj in Mozhi, Ammakilikkoodu, Nandanam....
Thanks for the lesson on sign language. (Hpe you get time to read Learning a new Language</a