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This is your captain speaking....

The bone tired group comprising my wife, son, Oza (a friend & colleague who travelled with us) and me had just settled into a disturbed nap in the plane after the evening snack, when the captain’s nasal voice broke through the hazy mist of sleep enveloping us “We will shortly be landing on time at Newark, the weather is fine, slight winds….and so on…

I sat up with a jolt, the others were still in the grips of Kumbhakarana…What the bloody heck, and we were supposed to be going to Baltimore (Washington!)? Oh! I moaned, now what??

After a rough 4 days in the burning sun at Orlando’s Disneyworld, we were drained and glad to be on the next leg of our US tour, this leg a stay with my cousin sis…We were late to the Orlando airport, reaching the desk a few minutes before the flight departed. Now this was ages ago in 1989, much before 9/11 and the such happened, so things were pretty cool in US. The lady at the counter bellowed that she would send the baggage through and suggested we speed u…

Forgotten or less known singers - part 2

Bhupinder Singh

Starting as Panchamda’s (RDB) guitarist, Bhupinder ended up as a reputed Ghazal singer after a foray into movie music. And the few songs he sang with his deep sonorous voice are still remembered by all. But like they mutter, his voice was never meant for the chocolate-faced teen heroes….

Well Bhupinder sang some melodious songs like in Mausam ‘Dil doondtha hai’, Gharaonda ‘Ek Akele is sheher mein’ and Naam Ghoom jayega from Kinara…each a masterpiece..amongst a few others

His passion was ghazals and he did them so well together with his wife Mitalee singh (they met on-stage!!). I remember one of his Ghazals ‘Ahat se koi aye to lagata hein’…wonderful, mellifluous, soothing…...

Naushad once said that nobody does better than Bhupinder on a guitar…well that sure is some compliment!! Here is a very comprehensive article on him.


She came into the limelight together with Yesudas, the movie being Chitchor. ‘Tujo mere sur mein’ was a superb duet…Akhiyon ke jarokhon mein was o…

The girl and the BART

SanFrancisco is a big and vibrant city. Like most cities the airport is a far way from the city center and one uses the BART to commute. The BART, well what an acronym- bay area rapid transit system, it has always been rapid whenever I went by it. So here I was standing in front of the BART ticket machine at the San Francisco international airport around 830PM wondering how much money to put in or if I should pick up a return or a one way ticket, when I saw her.

She looked quite perplexed, a pretty face with a deep frown. Dressed in a bright orange and spotted churidar kameez, she naturally elicited a lot of looks at the buzzling airport. Most regular travelers dress inconspicuously, so this was probably an oddity. I was walking briskly to the ‘down’ escalator as the girl was virtually dragging herself along. The leather yellowish orange duffel bag, that she carried, though stylish (now that was another disparity) is not normally carried by desi’s…Most hobble around in black or dark en…