Turtles can fly

If you have not seen this movie, try and get hold of a copy and spend a couple of hours watching a heart wrenching beautiful movie. A movie with a cast almost entirely made up of children 2-13 years old, you wonder how the Iranian Kurd director Ghobadi managed to get out such performances from them and you marvel at the story line…Not one of the kids is a pro actor, every one was apparently a refugee kid!!! And each one deserves an Oscar…

Picture courtsey movies.yahoo.com

This is a simple but poignant story of a group of kids in the war torn Iraqi - Turkish border, at a refugee camp, about a group of orphan kids who collect and sell unexploded land mines for a living, led by the fantastic ‘Mr Satellite’. Satellite is the group’s negotiator; he gets them the best deal. So why is he called Satellite? Because he excels at putting up Sat dishes as well!! The opening scene when de does such an installation is so good…Listen to how he explains & translates the channel content. Life goes on with this group and war is looming close, when a group of three kids land up, an armless one, a forlorn girl and a small 3-year-old child. Wow, watch the child on camera and you wonder, what acting, or is it acting, is it for real??

But all said and done, it is a sad movie; showing realities of war, the hope is in the title, that even Turtles can fly…


Sudhi said…
I have made a note of this and entered in my list of 'must see'movies.
The 'only' one! said…
i'll try to get a copy of it!! Seems lyk a nice movie!

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