Midnight express

Who has seen the movie Midnight express with Brad Davis ?

(here is a review for those interested)

If you have, i must say two things

1- the movie is pretty good
2- the movie portrays Turks in the wrong light

having lived in Turkey for some 5 years and knowing the Turkish people, I must say the movie delivers a lopsided message. The problem is this one movie has slanted opinion about Turkey so much over the years since its release ..Remember how Charles Sobraj was incarcerated in Tihar??? What would you feel if a movie was made about Sobraj's bad opinion on Tihar?

In the case of 'Midnight express' the chap ( BTW it is based on a real story, I think the guy is still alive) apparently smuggled drugs, get caught and was put in a jail - u can imagine a scenario with sobraj in Tihar. The guy escapes and tells his story..which of course is done well..

but try asking a Turk, hell will break loose...
They are a very nationalistic bunch.


Kannur gal said…
I watched Midnight Express last summer as my son was attending Bogizici University. The story is riveting and scary. It dwelt a major blow to Turkey's tourism industry. If anyone mentioned visiting Turkey, the next question would be - have you seen the Midnight Express. But Turkey recovered from the negative propaganda. It is a beautiful, vibrant and amazing country. But I should add a word of caution - the Middle East unrest has spilt into Turkey. My son was assaulted for money. Other than that we had a wonderful time. So do visit Turkey. You will be pleasantly surprised.
Maddy said…
hi kannur gal..
I agree, as i mentioned i lived in istanbul for close to 6 years!
still my favorite destination...