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An Englishman at Calicut

The Occupants of Staffa lodge, somewhere near Westhill
Calicut as they said in history books, was on the way to everywhere. Many Westerners came and went, some stayed, some loved their stays while others detested the damp little town with hardly any social life and later drifted on to the hustle and bustle of Bombay, Delhi or Calcutta. In the process, many a white man made their fortune at and from Malabar, with the list is too long to tabulate. But the story of Lachlan Macquarie, a proverbial soldier of fortune, stands well above most. His travails around the world and the various written accounts of them make interesting reading, but the founder of Australia did spend a couple of years at Calicut. This article while briefly touching on his overall story, will hover around the years spent in Calicut for they provide a good understanding of colonial life in Calicut during the late 18th century.
Lachlan the Scotsman had his eyes on money early on in his youth and I guess life in Mull o…