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Monsoon legends

The monsoon came 4 days late to the shores of Kerala, giving a huge respite to the burning masses. As it was a little bit delayed, people who depended on it got alarmed. Some like the IMD said the El Niño delayed it, other experts opined that the Indian Ocean dipole compensates the Niño and that there is nothing to be alarmed about. The stock markets swayed and teetered on the edge, the population already nervous after their favorite Maggi noodles got pulled off the shelves looking at alternate snacks would now be heaving large sighs of relief. Anyway I will dwell not on matters such as global warming and atmospheric depressions, and will leave it for meteorologists to explain and sort out in far better fashion.
But all that reminded me of a couple of characters who were as legends go were responsible for the onset of monsoons in our land. So I will take you back to a time well into the past, even before the Rig Veda which made the first mentions of the event, in which it is said tha…