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Operation Tiger

The 1940’s were certainly turbulent if you look into the history of mankind. Half of the world’s population were striving to gain independence from imperialist powers and deliverance from famine while the other half fought for all of six years over a multitude of issues. Turbulence in Ethiopia, Spain, China and other parts of Europe led to the declarations of this global war in which many fought and died. What earthly importance did the hilly and difficult terrains of Afghanistan and its warring tribes have in this war? One only needs to look into any Asian map to see the Afghans sandwiched between India and Russia and notice a great strategic importance.
For the British, the Jewel in the Crown India was under threat. They always feared that the Russians would find ways of wresting control from them and presumably the Russians did have some ideas of that sort. The first Afghan ruler who signed a treaty of friendship with Russia was Amanullah in 1921. But he was soon gone, by 1928. N…