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Operation Bunkum

The enigmatic Major A Denis M McCarthy

There have been one or two articles in the press about this interesting character, briefly providing a glimpse of the maverick policeman and the other terming him Andaman’s James Bond. Mc Carthy must have sat back in his British village and wondered about it all after the war was over, but then there were a lot of people like him, people who were somewhat bored with their lives, when the World War II came along and provided some sparks, even if it were at the risk of their lives. Afterall, he must have realized early in his life that his future was not be a bobby in London, cap and all. He was destined to be in the hot tropics with the odd assortment of all kinds of natives…when the Japanese came calling.

We have been covering the CBI Theater and the Japanese onslaught briefly in previous articles and many more on the way will detail it even more, but this was at the periphery of the theater, nevertheless very important. The Penal colony was bec…