Bollywood on Fox

Joshua Allen 19 year old from Texas & Katie Taira Shean 20 year old from Orange California participating in ‘so you think you can dance’ reality show on FOX. They were asked to dance a Bollywood number. And did they pull it off? We truly enjoyed this number, have a look...

For their second dance Joshua and Katee dance a Bollywood number, choreographed by Nakul Dev Mahajan to "Dhoom Taana" from the 'Om Shanit Om' soundtrack. This was aired on July 9th 2008. For this number the costumes are blue, black, gold and silver traditional costumes. They takes us to a far away land alongside the captivating choreography. The choreography is a delightful surprise.

Simultaneous knee spins for Katee and Joshua as they move in a circle across the stage is both unexpected and thrilling - the kind of choreography Bollywood is known for.

Nigel "Who would have ever dreamt that we would be seeing Indian cultural dance on this program? It's fantastic to see. It so good. Thank you so much for bringing this to us Nakul. That was tremendous. You two always find a way of fusing your styles with what is given. Brilliant job."

Mary "You guys are the stars tonight. To go down into those legs and pop up. What strength."
Mia "Great fun great piece."

Recap by guest contributor at, Jane Emory, who is a dancer and choreographer based in Los Angeles.

More from The Los Angeles Times' Show Tracker blog said: When Joshua and Katee picked Bollywood out of a hat, they didn't even know what it was. Who would have thought that just days later, the ever-masculine Joshua would find his niche in a jewel encrusted stocking cap, jingling anklets, a sequin vest and beaded cuff bracelets?
But from the moment he stepped out in that light-refracting ensemble, Joshua was Bollywood. He committed to a dance that was totally out of his comfort zone, and as far as I'm concerned, he won the night for it!

Nakul Dev Mahajan, "Hollywood's Bollywood choreographer," is the founder and artistic director of NDM Dance Productions and Studios in Los Angeles. Nakul has been dancing on stage for the past sixteen years. His diversity in dance expands from Indian classical Kathak to modern Jazz. His main focus over the past decade is to promote cultural awareness within the Indo-Pak community, mainly the youth, by performing, teaching, choreographing and organizing cultural events. Nakul graduated from the University of California Riverside with a degree in Sociology and Dance in 2002. He continues promoting cultural awareness and running the 1st Bollywood Dance School in the nation, NDM Bollywood Dance Studios in Artesia and his dance company comprised of 35 dancers, NDM Bollywood Dance Productions. The NDM Dance Studios has served over 3000 students since they opened their doors in 2003.

Apparently this episode had a huge viewership – NewYork times states- Another two-hour edition of “So You Think You Can Dance” lifted Fox to No. 1 in the ratings on Wednesday, drawing an average of 8.7 million viewers from 8 to 10 p.m., according to Nielsen’s estimates.
Watch & enjoy……


Indrani said…
Enjoyed watching the U-tube thoroughly. Big thanks to you Maddy, it was a delightful performance by the couple a feast to the eyes if I may say.

Sorry took a while to be at your blog. :)
Hai friendee,
thanx for u tube feast.
nice to meet you .please recite
daily before going to bed for asound sleep.keep in touch.
With warmregards
not so poor me
kallu said…
Fantastic Maddy. Real fun to watch. They are so good!

I've been on the lookout of a book you recommended -JJ and never in print!
Maddy said…
thanks Indrani, kallu and poor me...yesterday there was a follow up dance by all the participants - it was teh jhoom barabar jhoom number. finally indian dancing is becoming seen on mainstream TV in USA!!

Kallu - the english one is tricky, i got the last copy from gangarams. but i know that the original tamil versions 'jj- sila kurippukal' is available in chennai. also the 'pulia marathin kathai..'