Bamboo trousers and crinkle shirts

Cover up’s for our skin has come a long way from the stone ages. From leather skins, it graduated to natural material like wool in 9000BC, Linen in 5000BC, Cotton to 3000BC and Silk in 1000BC. Then came a variety of blends and synthetics to help adapt clothing to the human’s ever changing life style…There was Denim, There was Gore-Tex, a breathing water & wind proof material, Kevlar that is stronger than steel, coal tar coated waterproof Macintosh, Terylene or Polyester, Rayon, Nylon, Spandex, Velcro, Vinyl, Ultrasuede. …the list goes on. But well, this is not about the history of textiles..

When I saw this at the store, for a reduced price, I decided to give it a try. As you see from the label, this pair of trousers is made of natural Bamboo fiber…Now I know that some of you will start picturing dancing girls in Hawaii wearing grass Hula skirts, in your mind. Don’t worry; these look just like any other trousers. Feels a bit like a polyester cotton blend, no different otherwise.

So I now have a bacteria free, air conditioned and dry lower half that is 2-3 degrees cooler plus I am fashionably green. What d’ya say to that!!!

Interesting facts about Bamboo fiber

- 2-3 degrees cooler than cotton or polyester
- more absorbent than cotton or polyester
- antibacterial and hypoallergenic
- dries faster than cotton
- natural UV protection
- odor free
- silky soft
- 100% biodegradable, renewable resource

But when I saw this washing instruction on an ‘Imported Indian’ plus ‘finest cotton’ shirt that we picked up, I was taken aback. Today’s human is attuned to either the washing machine or the cleaners, at least in the USA. So if they have to do a manual wash followed by thirumbi and olumbi-fication, in typical Desi style, clear instructions have to be given. Yes, I find it funny, but OK, agreed..

The picture is self explanatory. The last part was a little strange; I believe that the label was originally made for a crinkle Dupatta or Kurti, not for a shirt. Just imagine how the shirt will look like after the last step!!!

Or, Maybe that is the ‘cool’ part..


Nanditha Prabhu said…
that was too much .. the instructions on the shirt:)....
ROFL Maddy, at the visual of you in a grass skirt. :D

Thanks for the article, will look for bamboo-fiber clothing next time I shop for clothes. :)
diyadear said…
go green uh?? thats cool ;)
lolz on the instructions..
Happy Kitten said…
LOL! that was too good...
humbl devil said…
we indians always manage to overdo it...
btw, how much does it cost to go ecofriendly as you suggested???
humbl devil said…
btw, thought you might be interested...or maybe probably your son!!!
Naveen said…
please follow those instructions and post a snap of the shirt after the last step ... just curious
Maddy said…
Thanks Nanditha,BPSK, diya, HK and hello there Humble devil,long time no hear - yes, i know of the avial band, had a blog planned on them, never posted it so far..they sound good eh?
Navin - no plans to destroy a perfectly good shirt..let those who respect the instruction do it..I am still sure it was made actually for one of those crepe skirts..