Presidential car stalls in Rome, Missing Watch in Albania

You would not believe that this could happen, but it did..a couple of days back in Rome

The Multimillion dollar Cadillac carrying Pres Bush stalled in the middle of the road while amused Italians sniggered.

An article providing further details

Bush was being driven to the US Embassy building after his meeting with Pope Benedict XVI in the Vatican when his car developed engine problems, according to the Italian agency Ansa. A reserve presidential car was quickly brought to the scene and Bush continued his journey. But the second car turned out to be too wide to pass through the embassy gates - so the White House leader had to walk the rest of the way

If that was not enough, his watch vanished while meeting crowds in Albania.

The matter has been denied by the White house.
An AOL report


Red Soul said…
oh ya I just finished watching viruddh with the indian visitors eating shrimp saucy dish ..:P it sure is definitely picking up on d speed again... i mean viruddh :)
diyadear said…
ha ha lol at the watch.. n his car.. guess bush's start r not shining bright these days.
Maddy said…
aha - red soul, virudh is pretty neat now. did u cook the jinga?

diya - bush went live today and announced that he himself had removed and pocketed his watch...but I am not so sure of that.