Krishna - The movie

Well well, what now?? A reader, Ravi Menon, from Malaysia tipped me about an announcement being made today by AK Antony, the present day defense minister. A movie about VK Krishna Menon is being launched with Naseeruddin Shah in the lead, scripted by Shashi Tharoor & ex diplomat TP Srinivasan. Rajmohan Pillai is producing the movie and R Sarath directs it. The movie is titled ‘Krisha’.

Fans of Tharoor may recall Tharoor’s portrayal of Menon’s character in his book
“The Great Indian Novel”. It was here that Tharoor first portrayed Menon as Krishna. My guess is that Tharoor’s interest in Menon continued, but I am not so sure that the public will stomach it.

Meanwhile, my study on VK Krishna Menon continues…I now have at hand the book on Menon written by TJS George. Between the other books (Janaki Ram, Madhavan Kutty, MI5 files & many articles) and this, I voiced my thoughts on Menon to many, hearing in reply, almost always that they were simply amazed by my interest in ‘that loser’. Many asked, how can you like that man? Most of them told me that they disliked him simply because he was an arrogant person who loved nobody.

However, I really enjoyed reading the recent article that Shashi Tharoor wrote in the Hindu, about Menon.
It is titled ‘An Unusual life’. Tharoor aptly said - Krishna Menon's approach was not calculated to win friends, but it did influence people.

For those interested,
GVK has a blog on Menon where you can also read the usual ‘he was an idiot’ rants from readers.

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diyadear said…
wow mr maddy that seems like a thorough research.. good work.
Anonymous said…
Krishna - the film, could be an interesting take into the coming of age period in the history of modern India; though of late, ignoring the tough options they had, it has become a fashion for few Neo-Elitist Indians, to call it a dark age.

But on hindsight, the greatest achievement India has had in last 60 years - sustainable democracy and civil rule - a rare achievement for former colonies; compared to our own neighbors and in large parts of Asia, Africa and Latin America - is based on difficult decisions they had to make, all along knowing its impact on social and economic growth.

Having made a strong civil society, in fact, now, it is new India's responsibility to take our country to next level, rather than blaming it on the past.

Fortunately, the whole world looks at India with such a potential - refer the often quoted economic jargon of the new super power axis - BRIC (Brazil/Russia/India/China).

Leaving aside the politics, on a human angle, it could also be the touching tale of an extraordinary friendship - Jawaharlal and Krishna, a pair of contrasting personalities (one a dreamer, other a rationalist), yet one mind in their view on the future of India and her place in the world. They had their share of ups and downs, but they remained loyal to each other to the very end - for over 30 years - And remember Krishna, outlived Nehru by 10 years, a good enough opportunity to write a book, putting all the blame on him - making it a best seller/earning a fortune in royalty; some thing many others did/still do - in India & elsewhere.

So I have high hopes for the film. BTW - this film has an official website -
Maddy said…
Wow! that was a great comment and I wish I knew who this anonymous was, but nevertheless, I am in total agreement.

During times, when the mind flits from though to thought, i have wondered if it would have been a good idea if India had its own Ataturk. I have not given it more thought though.

Yes, I checked out the website - looking forward to some more matter there in the course of time. i was a bit worried after i wrote this since I never heard about the planned release announcement and secondly since I also read that Mammotty was going to play the role (made me wonder if i had my facts wrong).

yes, I agree that it was an extraordinary friendship indeed, having read of what Menon did for the Nehru's.

I have Emil's book as well now - let us see what that reveals!!
Manish Mohandas said…
Khushwant Singh in his autobiography has devoted one chapter exclusively to his days with Menon in the Indian Embassy in London. And he hasnt got charitable words for Menon.
Maddy said…
Thanks Manish - I had written about it here