How weird am I?

This is an interesting one; Introspection is sometimes interesting, so let’s see how it goes,
This process starts from
Reshmi’s tag….How weird am I? A bit overdue actually..

Weird today is lots more than the definition in the past. Weird is uncanny, bizarre – as defined, well I do get premonitions at times, but they don’t always turn out right. Arun my son keeps saying ‘that’s weird’ for most things…

He says my nose is too long & weird
He says my hair style is dated & weird
He says I tuck my shirt into my trousers, that’s weird
He says I wear check shirts, that is weird
He says I come up with tricky words in conversation, which is weird
He says I write long blogs, which is most definitely weird

Jokes apart

I hate it when something goes disorderly & I hate losing control of any situation
I indulge in checking and rechecking at times, much to the irritation of others
I have this habit of unnecessarily getting involved in all kinds of situations (with good intentions of course) & thence getting into trouble
I shed copious amounts of tears while seeing sad movies, embarrassing others around
I sing sad old songs in the shower, not happy ones!

I still have to figure out other weird stuff – unfortunately I seem too straight, I don’t eat black toast, I don’t wear yellow or any neon color shirts (a pair of sneakers I possess has a green line, Arun says that is weird) etc…but there must be more, I will figure out some day & report…


diyadear said…
Mr maddy.
It was nice knowing so many weird things abt u :)
Maddy said…
all depends on what is wierd - right?
humbl devil said…
will do sir maddy...will do...:)