Dear friends..

When I first took up blogging in June, I wanted to reach out and talk, muse, ramble – whichever way one would choose to put it. I still want to. It was a difficult period and I was just starting a move process from one country to the other. The discussions are done with, agreements made; we are now getting ready to move, from the UK to South California in the USA.

It has been a long journey…having lived in so many places, countries, and cities. From Pallavur, a village in Palakkad to Trivandrum, Calicut, Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore, Riyadh, Istanbul, Coral Springs (US), Stafford (UK) and now back to the USA – South California. In the middle of all those home moves, we travelled quite a bit to many countries across the globe. The journey continues, the stories will, as well.

The move and the settling down process will take a month and is considerably daunting, as any move would be. I will be up and running after we settle down in a city called Temecula which lies somewhere between San Diego and Los Angeles…

Until then, a brief hiatus…


Anonymous said…
Your regular encouragement has inspired me to sing better. I have also been enjoying your ramblings and sometimes I did try to put some comments and I could not save it due to some problems with your new blog software.The write up about the lesser known singers was just fantastic!
Hope you settle down soon in the US and are back with your ramblings. Wishing you all the best.Will miss you for some time though.
hey again I am not able to post this comment...Hope this comes..

Pradip Somasundaran
Reshmi said…

All the very best Maddy!
Waiting to see u back on the blog world:))