Back to the USA

The last days in England were quite hectic even for weary veteran nomads like us. The packers came to kick start the move process and were scurrying around like a bunch of rabbits. Anything outside and visible got packed with gusto for the long and arduous transatlantic voyage. Even some of the clothes and stuff to be disposed which were kept aside for the final days in UK, were boxed, much to the dismay of madam. Then there were the dinners, speeches and mementoes that finally severed the last threads connecting our life with the Queens land. We were given dire threats by the packing foreman that under no circumstances should food (even rice) get packed or that the sniffer dogs would pick up the scent at the LA ports thus delaying the container…

I will in retrospect, admit that I was looking forward to the move to the US. Somehow we felt little warmth in our stay in the UK, literally speaking of the weather and of course the people. The air was never far from pessimism all around and we were also getting quite affected by it. Then there was that hint of racism in the undercurrents of all relationships, official or otherwise….Gorah vs kala …. Everybody who heard that we were moving to Sunny Californian Climes said only good things like “lucky you, or why don’t you take me too or good decision” I guess those tell you a lot of what the Blair’s and the such have done to that once glorious country…Not many countries would brave be in such a position, of being hated by their own countrymen ( I recall this being proven in some survey recently – a survey where India was surprisingly rated high by Indians..)

Time to fly – and what a torrid flight that was, 8 hours to Newark, a five-hour layover and then a 7 hour flight to San Diego…As I had imagined, there was the expected nasty person at immigration who made some wisecracks about the many Indians who were now flowing past the lines where they always administered their policing in such arrogant fashion. Less said about it the better…The flights were all on time, and secure, now that they had stopped people from taking all kinds of liquids and gels!!

We stayed at the Hilton in SD that night, overlooking the harbour – waking up to a glorious sunrise (you can see the nice shot Arun took of it)…After the dreary dull British weather; the sunshine warmed our backs and the mind.

Picked up the Hertz rental car, fired up the Tom Tom Satnav, with the newly activated Western US maps…set the heading for Temecula…The ride up to Temecula was uneventful, past hills and valleys. Temecula itself is a valley, (we are yet to see the vineyards it is famous for) and is home to some 125,000 people, a typical US city with its well planned roads, malls and big name shops like Circuit city, Walmart, Sears…..

The corporate apartment is OK, our home for the next month, now planning the next step – finding a rental house for the next years..