Three movies

Four movies marked the long weekend that passed by. In fact the first ‘Lord of war’ was superb. The second ‘Along came a spider’ was decent. The third, Balram vs Tharadas, well, the less said about it the better. Oh! and the fourth, a Tamil one, pretty good actually from K Bhagyaraj called 'Paarijatham'.

And then my son pointed out that our 'Fannaa' DVD had Malayalam subtitles. It was a riot watching the songs. Just imagine the words of the song ‘Chand Siparish….’ translated in Malayalam!!!

Lord of war – Ah! what a movie, with Nicholas Cage the protagonist flashing back on his life as an arms trader. Wikipedia
has a wonderful review of the whole movie here so I wont get into too many details.

The movie actually starts with an amnesty international spoof ad for the AK47 on a shopping channel. Like they sell watches and stuff, it is truly hilarious.

On the whole, it was a brilliant movie. The opening lines go like this "There are over 550 million firearms in worldwide circulation. That's one firearm for every twelve people on the planet. The only question is: How do we arm the other eleven?” The movie goes on to show how it is done and ends with indications on who the major arms suppliers are, believe it or not - the permanent nations that run the security council and who have the veto powers.

You see guns and guns, plenty of them in this movie and they say that the guns were in this case, real ones, not fakes…Imagine the irony, it was cheaper to buy real AK47’s for the movie than replicas. Tells a lot, right?

Well, I got a shock midway into the movie. Nicholas cage who has acted marvellously, as he usually does, is sitting next to a plane that he has put down on an African road, wondering what he should do next…and a familiar tune perks up in the background…In a flash it became clear – Mumbai’s ARR theme tune, I am not so sure it fitted the scene, but it came as a total surprise…and yes, it was mentioned in the credits.

Morgan Freeman – I love his acting and his deep baritone voice. Well he is Alex cross in
‘Along Came a Spider’. I have read most of James Patterson’s Alex cross books and ‘Along came…..’ is good. The movie is adapted and changed quite a bit from the book, but still eminently watchable. I would not call it brilliant though…

Paarijatham – I enjoy seeing Bhagyaraj’s movies. This one was quite different from the usual Tamil movies, and features Prithviraaj and Saranya (Bhagyaraj – Poornima -kozanthai) Both of whom have done decent jobs..Well worth a watch. Here is a
review for those who want to read one.


Reel Fanatic said…
Lord of War is indeed a great movie about a difficult subject, and Mr. Cage is surprising good in it ... I just wish he hadn't gone and starred in that "Wicker Man" atrocity opening this weekend!
maddy said…
Thanks Keith for passing by. yup I will stay away from Wicker man. I liked Cage in Leaving Las vegas, Con air and face off. they were enacted so well!!