Corporate & KANK

The weekend passed by with our seeing two movies, made of contrasting worlds. In general, both were slick, the themes modern, the people glamorous and affluent. Portraying an India (or as in KANK - people of Indian Origin) different from that shown by RK Narayan, Satyajit Ray and Ruskin Bond. The Western worlds are usually shown people of Indian origin as an aspiring breed in movies Bend it like Beckham & Missisippi Masala. So have we arrived?

Corporate – Taut, fast paced, meant for the people who understand corporations and also for those who don’t (the two peons provide you a simple ‘for dummies’ narrative overview now and then)…a movie of corporate machinations - of people around them and people working for them. Bipasha was decent, but Rajat Kapoor and Kay Kay were excellent, if you ask me. I am not so sure, however, if corporations can be so dumb with their manipulations, here it seemed overextended, one usually expects them to be far more subtle and with visions that see well into the future, not just a quick profit for today. This looks more like a private ltd company at work, no board of directors and all… not a corporation, I thought, but well, Bhandarkar was making a point, I guess. On the whole, Bipasha’s character seemed too na├»ve for all her experience. Editing and dialogues were top class. The honeytrap scene was thoroughly contrived, a guy sleeping (?) through with two other women in the room, working on his PC and downloading stuff, chitchatting…

Corporation – Read an interesting Lord Haldane
definition from a case in 1915

"My Lords, a corporation is an abstraction. It has no mind of its own any more than it has a body of its own; its active and directing will must consequently be sought in the person of somebody who is really the directing mind and will of the corporation, the very ego and centre of the personality of the corporation."

BTW members of a corporation hold no liability for the corporation's debts and obligations…Interesting!!

KANK – Many others had provided reviews of this movie. I don’t quite agree with those actually, it was OK though a mite too long. They should have snipped off the last half hour, if you ask me. Abishek was great, so was Amitabh…A few compared Sam’s looks to that of an overdressed pimp. In jest, I wondered how they made such statements, probably experience I assume. You would normally expect to see people dressed like Elton John only in high places.

Priety was suave and efficient, I thought Rani was disappointing, not many would accept her in this role, just like people not accepting Meg Ryan or Goldie Hawn doing this kind of a role.. Shah Rukh looked jaded but tries hard to be the bitter person he projects. We liked Kiran Kher of course, though it proved difficult explaining the Chandigarh significance to my son.

Yes, it is a movie of affluent people living in gorgeous houses. It is about NRI’s, a category some ‘back home’ can’t stand (Maybe they should see Varavelpu – a Mohanlal movie) and it is about marital relationships that sour. But it is also about the times that are due to arrive soon, if not already felt, in India. I thought Karan Johan wanted to portray this.

For once we did not feel lonely in the movie hall, there were a hundred or so people. Usually for Hindi movies we have the same 6-8 persons in the big hall, you have to think twice before letting loose a guffaw. This time there were new faces for a change.

We saw another movie, and old one – Naran with Mohanlal . So-So, I prefer Mohanlal in Satyan Anthikad;s movies…Naran was ‘time pass’ at best.


Reshmi said…
Saw Corporate n found it nice, though it was a bit overdone in my opinion;-)..

On any day, even I would go for Sathyan-Mohanlal, prob script by Srinivasan would be icing on the cake:)
indianadoc said…
Missed Corporate.... but watched KANK...sorry Maddy....I found it too plastic a movie.... a movie with no soul...the director might have been trying to portray the new evolving thoughts abt marital relationships and adultery....but I felt it still lacked substance...I felt so bored except for the designer wear of Manish Malhotra!!I enjoyed watching the beautiful costumes the actors kept changing from frame to frame!! :)
maddy said…
fair enough - i understand, in my case, i knew it was a masala movie, i never went to watch a guru dutt style those were the movies with soul..
i wont say it had class etc, it was something new...though too long.