The wonder pill

Yahoo seems to be doing a decent job with Spam; today I read the stuff in the inbox and was idly hovering the mouse around the page, wondering about the next course of action. I chanced on the Spam button and decided to take a peep at what is in there.. some 60 messages, here is one of the lot….

Sender: Natalie ford – Subject: incomplete signup (meant to trigger your interest)
Icrease Your S''exual Desire and S''perm volume by 500%, L'onger o''rgasms - The longest most intense o''rgasms of your life, Multiple o''rgasms - Cum again and again, 100% N''atural and No Side Effects - in contrast to well-known brands. Experience three times longer o''rgasms, Sensationall revoolution in medicine!E''nlarge your p''enis up to 10 cm or up to 4 inches!Its h'erbal solution what hasnt side effect, but has 100% guaranted results! Lack control over your squirting? Partner unhappy with the time you last in bed?
World Wide shipping within 24 hours

Now the reason why they keep doing this is because of some guys who are a ‘bit’ worried about inches and performance - companies prey on that insecurity (these shady companies pay big money for legit email lists!!). They even figure out if you are male or female. Some years ago spam was indiscriminate, I used to get stuff about bust enlargement. These days, none of that comes by!!

Catchwords - Herbal , 100% ‘No side effects’, the inches…. Amazing, some of these – increase sperm volume by 500%, how about that!! Won’t be very different from a fireman’s hosepipe after a few pills, ha!!!

Some guys click on the website link, out of curiosity or intent, I thought. To see even bigger promises on the website. Anyway I decided to research a bit. Wired magazine reported the following:

An order log left exposed at one of Amazing Internet Products' websites revealed that, over a four-week period, some 6,000 people responded to e-mail ads and placed orders for the company's Pinacle herbal supplement. Most customers ordered two bottles of the pills at a price of $50 per bottle. Do the math and you begin to understand why spammers are willing to put up with the wrath of spam recipients, Internet service providers and federal regulators. Read more here

How about the experiences of a guy who decided to try these pills? Read what Joe Miksch had to say about his experiment.

Some more for those interested in seeing how the companies work…

One thing is guaranteed, I will have more hits on this page and of course the Spam from Elizabeth and Mandy and Louise and so on will continue …after some months or years, the spammers will get cleverer and when the names change to Rekha, Latha etc...and the subject changes to Ayurvedic pills, I won’t be surprised.