The week end...

The weather has been hot, hotter and then it cooled some..Got through a few of the pending movies..

Hyderabad blues 2- that was terrible. Kukunoor seems to be doing a better job at directing rather than acting. It was not worth the time spent..Stay away, though there are one or two good scenes.

Iqbal – Now this has Kukunoor directing, it was quite OK, but still a bit rough here and there. Shreyas acted well, itis inspirational, I shed a tear or two...And Naseeruddin Shah was fantastic! The scene wher ethe father returns when the family were engrossed in the cricket match was one of the best.

Chup chup Ke – After Punjabi house, this was truly horrible…Dilip was brilliant in the original, Kareena and her boy friend Shahid K were miserable in the remake. Stay away if you have not seen it. The only things I liked were photography and the colours, the wardrobe was not jarring …

The best of all was DaivaNamathil – As expected Jayaraj did very well..Both Prithviraj and Bhavana were very good in what they had to portray, though I must say that you have to have some knowledge of Mappila customs to truly appreciate the good work. People from Calicut may have appreciated this movie more…


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