The week end so far

The heat has gone down a bit, a little rain last night. UK is liveable again...

Saw three good movies

Happy times (Chinese)

A movie by Yimou Zhang. A fantastic drama about human relationships, Our hero is an 'old' bachelor who wants to find a girl to marry. He does find one, but the package comes with another person, a blind girl that he has to take care of. The last half hour is brilliant, while the rest of the movie is good. Sometimes the movie reminds you of woody allen, anyway I wish the subtitles were faster. The Chinese talk fast like us and to get subtitles flowing is difficult.


Sathyan Anthikad and Mohanlal, well, it was very good. My wife & I enjoyed watching the movie, it had been a while since we saw Thanmathra...Meera jasmine, cute & impish, did a smaller but nice bit.. I still feel a bit about Oduvil, that nice man is no more...Innocent fans would enjoy him too, but some of the sathyan - mohanlal magic returned with the movie. Jagathy is wasted...


There were precisely 6 people for the show, a day after release. It has always been like that, and then we read on rediff and other places how huge a collection the movie had in UK!! The movie itself was brilliant. The songs as such, I had heard earlier, a couple are great. Who acted best? without a doubt Saif Ali Khan, We have always been great fans of his, wishing for his success and he is, these days, post Parineeta. We liked him in 'Being Cyrus' too. As Langda - Iago from Othello, he does full justice. Othello - Ajay Devgan is efficient and Kareena as Desdemona is surprisingly good. Emilia - Konkana sen is all right, but Bipasha and vivek, they are soon forgotten. The last half hour is taut and makes you wait with bated breath, truly worth a watch.


Reel Fanatic said…
Man, do I love Happy Times ... I hadn't made the connection in my mind with Woody Allen, but now that you mention it, I can definitely see it
Reshmi said…
Gr8 to read those reviews..:)

Omkara is one movie which should not be missed right? Hope I can get a ticket for myself. B'lore theatres are already full.
Anonymous said…
hope u get to see it, the language is a bit raw...but the effort will be worth it...


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