You are in the Western world, driving around , your heart leaps when you see ‘Malabar’ on a signboard. It takes you back to your roots…but roots later, more about the boards

Malabar restaurant – Stafford

Was I happy seeing it, I thought ‘fantastic’, now a mallu joint, and called them only to realise that it was a Bangladeshi Indian restaurant. I kept my distance from Malabar for many months. Finally we went there knowing fully well the end result …”from the shores of the Malabar, laced with fresh coconut and many Keralan (!!) Spices” ……read the menu. I hoped that they got a Mallu cook what with the new nurse crowd in Stafford. Eagerly ordered a couple of dishes only to realise that reality was far from what was projected in those menus. Nothing to do with coconuts or South India, usual Brit Curry fare made from various ready made masala pastes…

Malabar – Florida

When they started the new world, they took all the famous names from the old world. In the US, you will find London, Birmingham, Rome, Athens, and naturally, Malabar. I am sure a number of Indians in America wont know this, even Mallus, i.e. unless they have driven up from Miami to Cape Canaveral near Orlando. Malabar is a town close by on the shoreline, in Brevard County.

Unfortunately other than the name, its proximity to water and the weather, there is little similarity with the original Malabar…Probably this is where our friend Vasco De Gama originally planned his visit.

BTW there is a Cochin in Canada!!


Jo said…
Very interesting stuff. :-) Malabar in Florida and Cochin in Canada!!! But sad to see they named a restaurant where they serve "Keralan" food and not Keralam food. :-)
Kurur said…
There is a restaurant called Malabar in a Sydney suburb called Crow's Nest. I have not been to this place yet. Its run by mallus I believe and serves decent Indian food. Not authentic mallu by any terms but kind of fusion which would be more acceptable to a firangi's palate.
maddy said…
thanks guys...keep an eye out, will release more such 'shockers' soon..

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