Ah! the Americans

Sears appliance store, Apparel Express shop to open in Madras
When I first read this screaming headline dt July 5th 2006, I was wondering, what the heck! Has globalisation been that quick? And that too Sears in Madras much before Bangalore and Bombay?

No, baba, Sears will open a store, not in our Chennai, but in Madras USA. Howdya like that? There are thousands of Tamilians in USA. How many of them know that there is a place called Madras in Oregon? Located in Jefferson County, this small town even has its own paper, the Madras Pioneer and just got wired - DSL broadband!

You know what came to my mind now? Mohanlal and Srinivasan ending up at Marina beach instead of Dubai thanks to Mamukoya. Just imagine an American planning a trip to Chennai and ending up at Madras OR!

Oh well, I can’t resist the next; let me give you an even bigger judka. Take a trip to Iowa….and you will chance on our capital city there, Delhi, in Delaware county. Big difference, only 510 people live in this community. I guess this is one Delhi without an Indian Indian!!! See how Delhi looks!!

And to imagine it took so long for Indians to thrive in the US! The first Indian to reach yank shores was a ‘unnamed Indian’ from Madras in 1790 – a shippie I believe, and he went back by the next ship. So where do you think he landed? Of course - In ‘Salem’ MA.

There is some dispute here; it appears there was a slave from Bombay living in Cape Cod MA in 1787. And another in Savannah Georgia called Dunn in 1774….The first ‘popular’ US √©migr√© from India was not a human though, It was an elephant in 1795 from Calcutta purchased for $450 and sold for $10,000 in NY


Ganesan said…
I thot I saw a Madras south of Atlanta, GA. U may want to double check
maddy said…
yes u are right, there is one in GA too , wow it must be tough for a travel agent in US having to contend with all these possibilities and most of them have not travelled more than 50 miles from their work place, good that they changed our Madras to Chennai(though I prefer the name madras to chennai)
Anonymous said…
Indian Post office used to send Air Mail letters to Dammam in Gulf - mostly from Kerala - to Daman near Gujrat.