Sport relief India

I watched this program on BBC TV the last two nights and I hope many others did.

Sometimes when you are so far away from your country, especially after so many years, you tend to and want to remember mainly the good things- the food, the movies, the music, the cricket, facts related to india (recently a good collection of such good facts came up as a chain mail) like Aryabhatta and the number of engineers in Intel and all that.

I guess you miss the dark side as an NRI. This BBC presentation focussed on the Sport relief India campaign and a set of benefit cricket matches in India. Some of the video was heart wrenching if you ask me. It was portrayed quite well and not just in contrast to the good life in India.. or in an overtly negative fashion.

I recalled seeing similar kids who swept floors of trains. I did not spare a thought when I saw them many years ago, but I think I will do so now..

The sad difference was what came up on the media. Indian coverege I had seen earlier focussed on the bollywood stars and the cricket game, the BBC one covered the reasons for the trip and what was being done & where the sport relief money was going to..