Food for the connoisseur

Two places I remember fondly are the Bombay and Sagar restaurants at Calicut..

If you like chicken fry, either of these places is great. If you like chicken biryani, Sagar is a better choice. Others may talk about Paragon, Komala vilas or Zainathatah’s…I still think Sagar is the best. There is a new Sagar also on Mavoor road, but I am told it is just so-so compared to the original situated next to the KSRTC bus stand. Bombay hotel is close to the beach.

Chicken fry, also termed Nirthiporicha kozhi –a chicken fried with a lot of fried coconut after marination in mild spices.. Let me warn you, you wont have too much of flesh to chomp, but the taste is heavenly…. Try it with the Kerala porotta…Both Bombay & Sagar do a great job of it, but I am not so sure if Bombay hotel is family friendly these days.

Chicken biryani – just mention the dish together with Sagar, people start to wax and wane about the texture, taste & so on…Typical Malabar biriyani – more like the Kabsa rice of Arabia…less of spices & masala, high on taste