Extreme PC repair

I had a horrid time last week, the Gigabyte K8NS motherboard quit on me. How, I have no clue as yet, the mobo obviously had a short someplace, it went on to blow up the PSU. Trust me! I checked the PSU (that took some time to learn as these ATX PSU’s work only after they get a soft start from the mobo) over and over again, tried another one I had, blew that up as well.

I got fed up, ordered a new Mobo plus a PSU (had to be identical or I would have big problems with Windows XP and reactivation) and completed the PC again. Booting up went well, everything looks reasonably OK now though I have a strange problem now. The CPU temperature shows up negative in MBM and Speedfan. Bios and Easytune report proper temps. I tried upgrading the Bios and some drivers…No use…I have a CPU reporting Minus 112 deg C!!!!!

Anyway the PC is up & running. All is well for the time being, I hope to fine-tune everything this weekend.

For those who want to see the bits and pieces of the PC under repair, here they are… I know some of you are aghast - seeing it on the floor - no space on the table.

Wifey is getting very worried with the care & time I put on the PC.