Drive in Post office?

I recall this from my days of living at Coral Springs – Florida where driving can at times be a bit hazardous. You may not be at fault, but the person behind can drive into you, typically a disoriented ‘aged’ person (please no offence meant, I may very well do exactly the same at that age) who inadvertently stamps the accelerator at the lights instead of the brakes. The likelihood of that happening is quite high out there, just as you may come across an alligator in your backyard.

Have you heard of a drive in post office, much like drive in movies? This is not one; a guy drove right into the Coral Springs post office. By the way I had been to the very same post office the morning this happened, queuing up at that very spot! Picture from NBC-6 or was it Sun Sentinel Florida?

That was not the end of the story; the US association of letter carriers awarded a ‘Hero of the year’ citation to the employee who helped save a baby in the PO from under the car.

See page 24 of this article linked below


paratrooper said…
drive in post offices are ok so long as no one gets injured or killed.what about buildings being treated as airports with much do we bring an end to terror?
Anonymous said…
Most of this old people are retired from NYC/NJ/Boston Area.