Chicken 65

Life has so many mysteries, and one mystery that dogged me for a long time was why is this dish is called Chicken 65 of all things. Why not 99 or 10 or 67, why 65?

Chicken 65 for those uninitiated is a dry chicken drumstick fry – akin to the Buffalo wings (aha! I smell another mystery there) with lots of ginger, the trick is apparently with the masala –

I decided to check around on the name, why Chicken 65?

Story 1- an expert cook states that 65 chillies are used for every kilo of chicken
Story 2- According to a waiter, the recipe, which originated in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu, is best made with a young chicken exactly 65 days old
Story 3 – It was first made and served in a bar in Kerala in 1965
Story 4 – It uses 65 grams of red chillies
Story 5 – It was first served in a hotel on NH 65.
Story 6 – 65 ingredients are used to make the dish

Now, I checked the only one story I could, that was the one about NH 65, no! this cant be right, the NH 65 runs from Ambala in Punjab to Pali in Rajasthan, Well, they could conceivably have some such dish on a dhaba thereabouts, Punjabi truck drivers do like chicken fry, but Chicken 65 is found only on South Indian hotel menus, if I recall right..

Uh! Oh! This is going to remain a mystery..

For those who want to try it, here is a


Anonymous said…
According to Derek O Brien, the quiz master, It is the 65th item on the menu in Tamil Nadu. This question was asked at the ICICI IQ Quiz held at Hindu Temple Flushing New York. Somebody gave this answer and the quiz master said it was correct.