2003 NE blackout USA

I was on vacation in India when the 2003 NE USA blackout occurred. TV showed a lot of footage of people on the streets, harried looking utility staff, terrified looking wall street bankers, glib corporate spokesmen….and many experts who spun away about the why’s, the what’s and the how’s (without anyone really knowing anything – of course) .

Lights and air-conditioning went out, Food went bad, and looting started….

Being one who makes a living working with power automation and control, I could hazard an educated guess through the cause and effect process, though I did not precisely know what it was due to.

Many responsible persons worked on it…day & night, night and day

They came up with a pretty good report

A root cause being a tree in Cleveland-Ohio . Now I am sure many of you don’t believe me, so take a look at this article which gives some details..

The impact ? some 30-40 billion dollars